Foundations: Supporting Families

Registered Charity No. 1150716


As a Charity we aim to help the community in which we serve not only in the services but also to better the chances of those finding it more difficult to provide work. As part of this we offer workplace volunteering opportunities as well as seeking support from those members of the community who have a wealth of knowledge and experience which will support us achieving our aims and supporting those seeking to gain knowledge and experience.

Workplace Opportunities

We offer volunteering positions for those who may not have achieved as well as they could have educationally, due to their own circumstances, to support future employment or for those who need to gain practical skills in working with people to increase their chances of gaining entry into a chosen course, such as Social Work degree or similar course.

Volunteering from those with some time who would support us

We are keen to learn from those who may have retired but have skills that they can impart on those within the Charity whilst supporting those who need to gains skills for their future employment or college course. We would be particularly keen for volunteers who have knowledge and experience of business and administration, tendering, marketing, as well as those who are able to speak another language or who can sign, if you think that you can help us then we wish to hear from you. Either to support in the day to day running of the Charity or as a Trustee who will support us in progressing services and reaching those who need our support.

What you can expect from us

We are a supportive team who wish to enable children to rebuild or maintain relationships with their families when they have been separated this may be due to:

  • Parents relationship breakdown (separation and divorce)

  • Local Authority Interventions; Special Guardianship or Residence Order or Adoption

  • Our work involves working alongside parents and children at a very difficult time, giving them the support that they need to move forward. This may involve just listening and understanding the difficult circumstances

  • Here at Foundations everyone is important to our very being, whether they are the cleaner or the CEO, both are equally important and valued member of our team. So you can expect support, regular supervision, inclusion into our team and a friendly although at times chaotic environment.

All travel expenses will be reimbursed and an allowance for lunch is paid.

What we would like from you

We want those who are committed to providing services that are accessible to all: Those who can work as part of team and wish to gain skills in problem solving to enable them to work on their own initiative; or those who would be happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

Opportunities exist in;

    Work Place Volunteering

  • Administration: Whilst some knowledge of computers is desirable we can support you in learning, how to write letters, deal with enquiries; produce data bases; research; deal with challenging members of the public as well as professionals.

  • Fund Raising: We need people to support us in applying for funds and raising our profile with other organistaions and communities, this maybe something that you have undertaken within previous employement/volunteering or something that you would like to develop.

  • Contact Family Support Workers: Provide all family members with emotional support and advice in regards to their situation whivh may impact on contact; supervise contacts between children and family members, support families in reaching agreements as to child care arrangements, full training is provided


  • Trustees: Are fundamental to our existence and we seek those who have previous experience to support the charity and other trustees in the charity moving forward at these increasingly difficult financial times.

    We would like to get a varied Trustee boards and are keen to get support from:

    • Those who have had a negative experience of serration and have come through this

    • Those who work within Domestic Abuse and have ideas of how to support parents and children who have experienced this.

    Volunteering within Foundations can also assist in Professional Development, and would be particularly valuable for Social Worker; Youth Workers and Solicitors in gaining a working understanding of the negative emotional impact that separation can cause to both adults and children.

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