Foundations: Supporting Families

Registered Charity No. 1150716


Foundations: Supporting Families is committed to reducing the impact that conflict, separation (however this may happen) and divorce can have on children and their families. To this end we are very much committed to ensuring that the services that we offer meet the needs of all involved. Whilst there is much research on the negative emotional impact both short and long term much of this is from America, New Zealand and other countries.

In the UK the interventions from Courts differ from other countries and therefore the support required may also differ, even if the negative effects on children remain the same. We therefore feel that much research is needed which will allow services to be tailored to the needs identified. We need your help with this whether you are a child or young person whose parents are going through a divorce, or you may be an adult who experienced divorce as a child and who is now experiencing this as a adult, an extended family member, an adult who experienced divorce as a child, a friend of someone who is going through this we want as much information as possible to assist us in developing services. Please fill out the research form online. The research is anonymous although we would like to be able to call participants with further questions if willing, again it will be totally anonymous. Please note that children/young people under the age of sixteen will require adult's persons to be a part of this research.

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