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Other Services

As a Charity concerned with reducing the negative emotional impact to children and their families, Foundations is constantly looking at services to support this aim. Some are listed below but if you feel another service is needed then we would be happy to hear from you so please make contact.

Meeting Rooms

We have four informal meeting rooms for hire so that you can meet up ranging from 4- 10 people comfortably. Great for support groups, a meeting place or those supporting others such as mentors working with teenagers. Theses are available Tuesday-Friday 09.00-15.00 (other times or days by prior arrangement only). Please see our room prices listed below:

  • Local Community Groups/Charities £5 per hour

  • National Charities £8 per hour

  • Businesses £12 per hour

Family Group Conferencing

Family group conferencing has been used in the UK for the past ten years and in other countries such as New Zealand and Australia for many more. The concept of this is that families have the skills and commitment in dealing with issues within the family and much like mediation is a way to get trusted adult family members or close friends involved to support children where needs or risks have been identified.

Whilst used primarily in the UK to prevent children from going into care New Zealand also uses it for children who have committed crimes, the family work out a punishment and support and they are then managed in the community by the adults involved to make amends (restorative justice) and prevent further criminal activity.

How can these other services help?

Family Group Conferencing can be used in many ways to support children who have been negatively impacted by separation and divorce as an example a child may have experienced neglect by a parent and there may be concerns about how that parent will manage with contact, the family could agree that a family member or close friend support that parent during contact, the child may also be truanting from school or getting into fights the family may agree that one person will be there for emotional support (someone to confide in) and others may agree to take the child to and collect them from school. Children dependent on their age and understanding may attend the family group conference or have an advocate to speak to the group about their wishes and feelings and worries

What are the costs of these other services?

As with mediation the cost is £40.00 per hour, meetings involve both individual and the joint family meetings and a review after six months. Families will be shown how to undertake their own meetings for future difficulties or concerns, without the need of a third party

Post Adoption Services

Please contact us via the "Contact Us" link for more information regarding Post Adoption Services

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