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What is the IMPACT Programme?

The IMPACT Programme is an information programme looking at 'What Works' when parents separate and divorce. The programme is based on research and extensive experience in the field.The programme covers:

  • What do I do now?

  • The impact that separation and divorce can have on adults, including extended family members.

  • The impact that separation and divorce has on children.

  • How to reach agreements for the best interest of children.

  • Behaviours that children exhibit.

  • How do I communicate when he/she will not listen to me?

  • How do we survive all the changes?

  • How do we sort out finance and contact?

  • How do we parent?

What do I do on the IMPACT Programme?

You will find it more helpful if you interact with the course facilitators and possibly other Parents attending the Programme, you will be given written information of useful tips for you to keep and you will watch two DVD's on children's experiences of parents in conflict compared with experiences when parents are working together. The Programme is designed to support Co-Parenting but also considers other methods and the Impact that these have on all involved. The programme will support you in gaining skills and information needed including children's perspectives of the negative impact that separation and divorce can have when parents struggle to move on.

Who funds the Programme?

Attendees pay a small fee towards the cost of the venue and refreshments, although we are currently waiting to hear if we have successfully secured funding to allow parents and any other adults involved to attend free of any charges.

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