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Conflict Resolution / Mediation

Conflict resolution or Mediation is a way of discussing what should happen in a safe way with a third party who is there to ensure that you are safe and any agreements are right and workable for all concerned. They will help you in communicating and negotiating a way forward. They can support you in who the children should live with, how to co-parent and make decisions for your childe/ren and communicate in the future. They can also help you to work out finances. This can be undertaken even if you do not feel able to see the other person face to face and is called shuttle Conflict Resolution / Mediation.

How does Mediation work?

Mediation only works is both are committed in moving forward to begin a new chapter in their lives the agreement has to be a greed by both parties and both will have to commit to making it work. Sometimes aspects of the agreement will have to be re-negotiated due to changes in circumstance such as a new partner or child.

How can Mediation help?

Mediation can support you in moving forward and focusing on his rather than getting stuck on who did what. It also helps you to focus on the important things and allows you to express feelings on the hurt or difficulties to the other party without emotions getting in the way; to support them in understanding, it is easy to assume that the other party has a negative agenda when you are hurt and the trust has gone, a mediator can support you in working through this.

How long is Mediation and what is the cost?

The time it takes depends on what the issues are and how committed the parties are to moving forward. The cost in comparison to seeking legal advise is minimal. Sessions are £40.00 per hour and agreements can be achieved in three to five sessions unless the issues are complex to when one person is not committed to moving forward. Legal costs often.

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